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These are the new tracks for GeneRally.

Some short remarks before you are going to download:

The AI design: Everybody hates losing! Therefore, the AI-line does not make you cry (wussie). Just alter AI-lines if you feel your talents grow.
The used Cars: Try all tracks with the original formula first. You need a good amount of power to manage some of the jumps (e.g. in Fire X). Maybe you would like to try it with one of our own more powerful car creations - please find them at the car page.
The shortcut possibilities: Cheating the lap is welcome - whenever there seems to be a shortcut: use it!!!!
The complexity of the tracks: Not all tracks will be easy to understand - please take your time to understand the way the lap works. We will help as good as possible (just send an eMail). If you have any enhanced version in mind, let's post it here!
Title Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Description Comments (Post your own here)


Drive at high speed at the THUNDER X track. You should definitely download the Formula X cars for this - great fun guaranteed!  Silli: Very good...
Halo 2: Wow amazing
MS: Very beautiful, wonderful track
Bucky 83: Great race!
GeneDude: Looking good, drives well and hmap looks good 9/10
J4ber: Very nice, the hmap is very smooth and the crossing brings excitement to any race. Layout isn't the best but it works just fine. You've also put some great details to the track.

Twister X

Would you like to open door one, two or three? ;-) Doesn't matter, all of them need to be passed, so runout the other twisted minds - perspective view skills are needed here to pass the tunnel (see second pic). Petsman: I just would like a more lowered view angle...
Volcano X

Racing around the old volcano - watch out when it comes alive! Petsman: The volcano is very beautiful: how have you done that?????
Warzone X

Escape the Warzone, pass the bridge! After the first lap, the skidmarks of the AI pilots will be your navigational help... Somedude: Great layout and hmap, but where are you suppose to drive?
Gen(e)tleman: ...just follow the skidmarks of the AI guys ;-)
...at least for the first lap of course...

My first track...(tuned up a little) IamJayson: Nice idea here... I like to call the tracks "suicide tracks" because if you get caught behind, you better watch out. See Tez's Canyon. I like the banking, it is pretty smooth
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