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These are the new tracks for GeneRally.

Some short remarks before you are going to download:

The AI design: Everybody hates losing! Therefore, the AI-line does not make you cry (wussie). Just alter AI-lines if you feel your talents grow.
The used Cars: Try all tracks with the original formula first. You need a good amount of power to manage some of the jumps (e.g. in Fire X). Maybe you would like to try it with one of our own more powerful car creations - please find them at the car page.
The shortcut possibilities: Cheating the lap is welcome - whenever there seems to be a shortcut: use it!!!!
The complexity of the tracks: Not all tracks will be easy to understand - please take your time to understand the way the lap works. We will help as good as possible (just send an eMail). If you have any enhanced version in mind, let's post it here!
Title Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Description Comments (Post your own here)

San Francisco X

This cop chase track brings you right down to the Streets of San Francisco! Chase those robbers or get chased by a police squad by downloading the Muscle Cars X at the cars page, jump the elevations and drive thru the flower power greenery! A-Master: WOW!!! That looks very nice :)
Zoeller Brothers: This is an excellent new concept for GR
Agent Tom: Ey this track is nice. But the hmap is a reason for AI mistakes, otherwise a very fine track and the cars are good too
Avaron: The track is very nice
Vira Lata: Track and cars are just amazing I must say - excellent work
Looni: What an amazing track! I'll be surprised if I find a better one.
Bansku: Surpreme good
Jasinho: Piece of art!
TuomoH: This looks like fun! Can't wait to get those police cars. Oh yeah, now I've driven a few laps here and I must say this is lots of fun. Looks good and feels great and that rotation and angle actually work pretty well as this really isn't a race track. I love that jump, although I found myself pretty quickly on top of that tunnel.

Scary X

Scare the hell out of the audience!!! This is just for fun. You will not manage the jump with the original cars. Try to download some better (like the Formula X). Marcel: after i played this track, the CPU vehicles couldn't accelerate anymore. So the name is right ;)

Skid City X

Skid City turns out to be a suburban outpost rampaged by crazy street gangs racing their bones off in wild cars. Don't let them cops getcha!!!  Remusable: coool
Sampo: Chaotic :)
Hova: I think the hmap is too drastic. But if you wouldn't have to race inbetween the houses, it wouldn't have mattered too much. But since you do...
Nielske: not realistic, but very fun, as usual ;-) Nice details, difficult hmap, fun for hotlapping :-) Best time 19.19s

Speedo X

A speed race with soft curves and good AI. Try it with the original formula. Jared B.: Wooh, thats pretty crazy. The banking is overlydone - but controllable, lol
Nielske: Nice track. It's a bit too easy to drive, but it has a very special hmap. One bad thing: the checkpoints are terrible.

Spike X

Take a drive thru snowy mountain valley - just good that you thought of your winter spikes! Take your time to check out how the lap works.  
Stormy X

Race like the storm at the Caribbean island! Sampo: Great track. A download recommendation from here. If you don't get this one, you're a foo :)
Hova: You are right, this is a gem. That is a nice idea also, good job!
LTL: These half-tarmac-half-sand tracks are mostly very dope. Not too slow but still feel like a rally track. I've also personally made a couple of them. A good X track, I waited for this one!
Patnicholls: Another brilliant track! Well done!
Test X

Test your new downloaded cars at the ultimate testtrack which combines handling, off-road hillclimbing, fast jumps, snow performance, swimming, oil skidding and straight rims. Use the break check lane on the right side to test your breaking capabilities. Onepointfive: This a really wicked track. Good work!
TopSpeed X

This track is for your top speed cars. I would use the Formula X (download at cars page). Nielske: Nice details, smooth and fun to drive with the Formula 3 by LTL
MCGyver: Good looking
GeorgM: Very good track, very good looking, very good fun. I especially like the hmap. Also the starting positions are cool and the idea with the gates on the left is great and the office blocks give the track a special look.
Heinzlemaxe007: I agree
Tornado X

This one looks easier than it is. Try it!  
Triple X

Multiple jumps through desert ground. Fast cars are a must-have! First you go counter clockwise, then you jump the dunes and then you go back clockwise to see the checkered flag at the end of the dunes. C_Inconnu: A very original idea !
But the part in the middle need to be lowered a little : it's almost impossible to pass...
Petsman: Cool! but the lap is very complicated.
SandaLf: Rated as track database Gem: This one has a very fun idea IMHO, though I donít have no idea how to complete a lap ;-)
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