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These are the new tracks for GeneRally.

Some short remarks before you are going to download:

The AI design: Everybody hates losing! Therefore, the AI-line does not make you cry (wussie). Just alter AI-lines if you feel your talents grow.
The used Cars: Try all tracks with the original formula first. You need a good amount of power to manage some of the jumps (e.g. in Fire X). Maybe you would like to try it with one of our own more powerful car creations - please find them at the car page.
The shortcut possibilities: Cheating the lap is welcome - whenever there seems to be a shortcut: use it!!!!
The complexity of the tracks: Not all tracks will be easy to understand - please take your time to understand the way the lap works. We will help as good as possible (just send an eMail). If you have any enhanced version in mind, let's post it here!
Title Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Description Comments (Post your own here)

Highway X

Oh boy - you missed the exit! Go take a circle to get back on the right track.  

Hispeed X

Just enough space for new powercars like the Formula X 2005!!!  

Island X

A two-lined oval track with a X-ing downtown. Ginseng: Great Style! I like funny tracks :)
Dark: ...good!
Danny L: I like the "inverted" oval

Jamaica GP X

The Jamaica GP hosts a race thru tight curves at a sandy surface. Use the formula cars to get the real feeling. M@man: I like the kerbs!
Raibe: The AI cars cut terribly much. Keep them on the track :)
Hova: I like the track, but i think the dithering on it is a bit too much (that's coming from me of all people). And if the AI could cut like that, you cut also ;-) Good track, definitely a keeper
JTarJ92: The kerbs are original, I like this
cbfs: *rushing off to get my bong *
Tez: Genetleman, you are really creating a problem for me... now I have to put this track in the "X-track" folder AND in the "road course" folder. LOL!!!
Postman: Great looking track, but the AI really cuts the corners.
Nielske: Of course i'll download it and it goes to my X-track folder, lovely kerbs, going to test it: Best time:21.05
K3rmiT: Looks like a Niels
Jared B: Here is my best: 20.55
Taneli: Ohhhhh... this is sooo coolllll :-) I rate this Layout 4, Race 3, AI 3, Challenge 5, Overall 4.1
Dan86: Really a good track, my time: 21.49

Lightning X

Lightning X is the first track of the new Mini Track series  

LongCu X

LongCu X is a wide road track which is does not come with a spectacular view but is really fun to drive. Watch out when passing the hole! FrancisXXL: äähm, wow
GeorgM: Very nice track! Make more tracks like this :)
Mine X

The mine was closed about 2 years ago, but there are still some outlaws racing the old mine shaft and jumping the freeway - let out the police cars to get those guys! Silver Track of the Month award winner!
MS Kart X

This file features the unofficial MS Kartcenter Indoor track in Kerpen, Germany and the red MS Kart for your best racing fun.

I strongly suggest to turn off damage for this race because of many concrete walls and more realistic kart racing.
Matty Golder: OMG, this track rocks, with the detail being so good, very good job on this track!
Eku: Great job!
GeorgM: WOW, very nice track, I have to download it
Antifa: Great job, a nearly perfect copy of the real track
GPR: Great indoor karting track
Heinzlemaxe007: Great track! I love the high-speed corners! The objects are cool too!
K3rmit: Nice track!
Nielske: Nice track, nice kart, so it'll stay on my computer. Some walls could be a bit better, but I know how hard it is to make so many good looking walls
Oil field X

Burn burn, let the motherfucker burn... NilOO: Superb Genetleman quality
GR player: Super work - downloading
Pfefferchen: LOL!!! So good made it's Genetleman-quality
Halo 2: Wow - world's best track
Robylo: Very beautiful, very good work. I like the scenery and the hmap.
Old Airport X

Race the old junkyard airport. Set the AI-strength to 100%, set laps to 20 and then have a nice racing afternoon at the old airport. This track needs to be driven with some high-speed car like the Muscle Cars, otherwise it is too easy. Longbow: I find this track quite boring. However the idea is not bad.
OptiLane X

This is some new idea of having racetracks with a dirty surface which derives from tire rubber and other stuff (made of oil). Like in a realistic race, you should use the clear ideal lane to stay at the road - as long as you don't want to pass the others - then it gets really slippy! Recommeded car: The formula cars (best original).

Both tracks come in one file. (A) is a fast circuit, (B) is a jumper.

Maxy: I like the tracks very much. They have a good AI line and a realistic look.
laPANTHA: The idea is good, but I think it would have more realistic looking, if it was inverted, such that breaking lines and general race line would have been painted with skid marks.
Parking X

A 3-platform parking lot to be explored. Though there seem to be tight corners it can be driven at high speeds! Don't forget to pay at the exit (otherwise your turn won't be counted - watch AI cars).  
Rail X

Bring aunt Kate to the railway station and then come home fast, son! Take a fast car (also for opponents) otherwise you have to go the long way and can't jump the gate, meaning that coffee gets cold... Jako: nice idea. Make more railway tracks.....
Petsman: You can low the first jump please? ///Remark: Done
Rallye X

Go your way to the no. 1 rallye ace. Do not hit the audience! Try some sliding cars at this track!!! Bendito: Absolutely wonderful track. A nice HMAP and an interesting circuit. The crowd looks good except for the ones which are yellow surrounded by orange. They look like flowers. :)
Sampo: Beautiful forests. Now downloading this sweetie :D
Revolver X

How much dirt can this large audience eat? Shoot at them thru 8 amazing barrels. Petsman: Cool!
Roadrunner X

The double feature:
Take your Roadrunner and run the Roadrun road... Though this track looks really easy (just go back and forth), it's quite a challenge when doing it with the Roadrunner. The Roadrunner is a tall kind of vehicle as you see. This means, it takes some time to steady in the upright position - hold your breath!!!
Remusable: another very cool track - CHEERS
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