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These are the new tracks for GeneRally.

Some short remarks before you are going to download:

The AI design: Everybody hates losing! Therefore, the AI-line does not make you cry (wussie). Just alter AI-lines if you feel your talents grow.
The used Cars: Try all tracks with the original formula first. You need a good amount of power to manage some of the jumps (e.g. in Fire X). Maybe you would like to try it with one of our own more powerful car creations - please find them at the car page.
The shortcut possibilities: Cheating the lap is welcome - whenever there seems to be a shortcut: use it!!!!
The complexity of the tracks: Not all tracks will be easy to understand - please take your time to understand the way the lap works. We will help as good as possible (just send an eMail). If you have any enhanced version in mind, let's post it here!
Title Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Description Comments (Post your own here)

Flood X

Oh son, that was too much rain for the river, the dam will be out soon so get home as quick as you can to get our stuff out... King Nate: w0w! looks great, dl'ing right now
Vulture: Fucking HELL!!!!!!!! SUUUUPER TRACK!!!!
Forest X

This forest has more for you then you know from the first sight. There are MANY MANY hidden opportunities to shorten the lap - use them to succeed! The second pic shows the shortcuts (so now they are not hidden anymore - damn it ;-)). The AI-Line is done for the original Formula cars, this way computer opponents do their jumps right. Petsman: Cool...Good job!
Garden X

Absolute fun! Just try it - conquer the inside of the corner to win. Nielske: Fun, but not as good as your other tracks... they look better...
: Gen(e)tleman's other tracks may look cooler, but this looks like it may actually have good racing. Nice job.


Golden Gate X

Race the Golden Gate bridge figure 8 track.
You will need GeneRally >= 1.05
Grand Prix X

Will you become the Grand Prix legend at the sweet valley race circuit? Don't cheat the pit!  
Halfpipe X

Jump the halfpipe - the other way is really hard to find. Take a look at the series to get the idea. Sampo: Very very nice. :)
Anonymous: Very good!
Xar: weird......:)))
Petsman: I just would like a more elevated view angle...
Harbour X

Take your turns at this oily, greasy tanker. Go ashore to refuel. Postman: lol, what a fun idea.
John Eward: i cant say nothing else: Cool!!!!!
Greyman: The Pros : The ship is very well made and racing on it quite interesting. The land scenery is very good too. The Cons: The oily ship surface
Nielske: Great! Fantastic idea! Nice details
Bendito: Damn that ship is still spilling oil :-)
Maxy: WOW! what a cool idea!
Hardcore [BMX]: 8O
Scat: That is so great
HiFly X

How high can you try? Do not jump out of the game arena... Patnicholls: Crazy...but in a good way!
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