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These are the new tracks for GeneRally.

Some short remarks before you are going to download:

The AI design: Everybody hates losing! Therefore, the AI-line does not make you cry (wussie). Just alter AI-lines if you feel your talents grow.
The used Cars: Try all tracks with the original formula first. You need a good amount of power to manage some of the jumps (e.g. in Fire X). Maybe you would like to try it with one of our own more powerful car creations - please find them at the car page.
The shortcut possibilities: Cheating the lap is welcome - whenever there seems to be a shortcut: use it!!!!
The complexity of the tracks: Not all tracks will be easy to understand - please take your time to understand the way the lap works. We will help as good as possible (just send an eMail). If you have any enhanced version in mind, let's post it here!
Title Screenshot 1 Screenshot 2 Description Comments (Post your own here)

Beach X

A day at the beach - yeaah - relax and let go of everything. Konatsu: What? SUN /: just photoshopped...
City X

Various jumps through the enemies path - for high skilled jump pilots or wannabees!!!  
Delight X

My first new track in ages: Delight X, a cruisin' fun track Racer9: Very nice track! Keep making this kind of tracks
A-Master: Good to see you have made another track G-man, although this one doesn't bring any new excellent ideas
MegadriXxX: WOW really cool, I'm still wandering how that jump is going to be...
Sableys: Too much cars bit it is a very nice track
Dirter X

A new track for your fast cars like the AC Cobra (Dirter X R) and the Jeep Wranglers (download at cars page) or SUVs (get them now!!!). Zeroth: Really col track(s)! Hmap is really good but I don't like the haybales in the corners and the track looks like made of pieces/stamps. This track will stay in my tracks folder! something really super!
Gu3st: Rated 10 out of 10
Dive X

This track is evil.......  
Donut X

Wow - top speed sliding and jumping in one track - Gen(e)tleman start your engines! Patnicholls: A fairly simple idea, executed brilliantly! Recommended to all!
Drifter X

Skidding and sliding on gravel is the best fun!!! This track needs no hills to make you sweat.  
Extreme X

Leave the city and get some crazy offroad action. Take your jump wisely (other drivers can't jump - AI is unfortunately too stupid). Nielske: This one goes into my XTrack folder (did you know: you are the only trackmaker who has his own folder in my GR :D) - Again it looks great!!
Bendito: You just know when you've raced a Genetleman track. Great job!
Jared B: Another great track. Yeah, I really like the parking lot too. The hmap is also sooo smooth on the track.
MAXY: This is another great one!
Fire X

Watch the fire - refuel each round - go straight when jumping across the whole screen! Use speedy cars (>original formula) or you will have a hard time at the jumps. Petsman: it's a good idea, but jumps are too long. it's impossible!!
Gen(e)tleman: Yeah it does work! But you need to have the ChampCars. The only one which is really really hard (but possible if you get it right) is the first jump (which goes from left to right).
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