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The world's Best-of-GeneRally list for Tracks

There are two ways to participate in voting for the BOG-List: The first is, to fill out the small form (and confirm) to vote for one particular track. You can not give priority to your votings this way, meaning that your vote always gets the lowest priority. If there are two tracks with the same number of votes, the one with the higher priority wins.

BOG-List for Tracks

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The second method provides a standardized .txt file which you can fill out and send in. Please download it here (right click save-as). You can bring your votes in an hierarchical order here and give priorities which will make them climb the BOG-list ladder faster. Send the edited file back to Gentleman's web mail address.
The votes will be transferred into the database and published asap. Please do not vote for your own tracks.

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