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These are additional cars for GeneRally. Some are fast, some are nice, most of them are nice and fast ;-) Post your improvements to the new Forum
Title Model Description Comments (Post your own here)

007 Lotus X

The James Bond 007 Lotus Esprit X amphibian car - go sub! Ice_boy: It's beautiful! This car is my favorite car! But it has a bad stability on the curves (remark: you mean the 2nd model, this is because it is a submarine!)
Matty Golder: Great car, I like the version without the wheels, awesome job

AC Cobra X

The AC Cobra will definitely bite the enemy AIs! Speed Freako: This is the fastest car I have now. Wow! And it looks ace!
The Orange Mage
: I like the car design, but it's unrealisticly fast, it beats the formula (comment: yeaaaah!). The sliding is great, it will slide only at a certain point, so controlling turning technique is a must.

Alfa Romeo
AlfaSud X

The Alfa Romeo AlfaSud is the sports and family car of the late 70s and 80s. Though not overpowered, it is quite a speedy car and very funny to drive. In this package you will find a street ti version, a rally version with better off road performance and a tricolored Italian street version. Coleco: hehe very very nice!
Viper99: This is a very nice car.
Heinzlemaxe007: WOW! very sexy looking cars
Squdl001: Wow those Suds are cool, only ones getting around in Australia at this moment are mostly rusty as heck though the guy behind the wheel usually has a big fat smile on his face


The BMW M1 is a very rare car. Derived from motor sports it was only produced about 400 times (I guess). Since I never drove one of these, I just gave it the values of the original formula car. This way you may substitute it in a "just original formula race".  

Carrera X

Six cars for your Carrera slot car race.  

Corvette X

The Chevrolet Corvette '69 Stingray X - another Muscle Car! Ice_Boy: It's very good: It's fast, stable, beautiful... but it "drinks" all the fuel quickly
Matty Golder: I love this car very much, but I hate the X at the end of the name
Flying solo: Looks absolutely sweet

Ferrari 612
Scaglietti X

Some dang new Ferrari - the hot spot of the road! P&M Studios: YOAAAH very good job man! I really like it

Ferrari Enzo F60 V12 X

Ooooooooh, Enzo is around!  

Formula X

The Formula X is a very fast car provided with excellent grip values. 6 versions with different handling.

Reached about 2000 downloads in the forum!!!
JWRPayne: mmmm Rocket Powered 8-) Muhwahahahahah
K3rmit: Checked out the car - oh it's looking awesome.Still way too fast for usual non-X tracks but the handling is GREAT

Formula X 2005

The Formula X 2005 Package

After the great response to the 2004 release of the Formula X (nearing 2000 downloads only at the RSC forum) I decided to bring up a new pack: All 2005 Formula 1 cars:

1) Ferrari X
2) Williams BMW X
3) Mclaren Mercedes X
4) Red Bull Racing Cosworth X
5) Renault X
6) Sauber X
7) BAR Honda X
8) Toyota X
9) Minardi X
10) Jordan X

All have their own specialties, overall performance is about balanced to the real world.

IceCream Van X

Respect to the man in the Ice Cream Van K3rmit: Great job, very cute and fun to race due to the nice values
Meka-Kifu: Great car
GeorgM: Well, actually this car looks good; better than other cars

Jeep Wrangler X

The Jeep Wrangler X Package

(1) Wrangler Sport
The well known Jeep Wrangler Sport with its heavy roll bar
(2) Wrangler HardTop
...comes equipped with a black HardTop
(3) Wrangler Sport Recreational
...anybody noticed - there is another surfer on his way to the beach (to join the Jeep Liberty of the SUV X pack)
(4) Wrangler Military 20mm gun
This is a military version with a 20mm double barrel gun (wish I could use this on the highway sometimes...)
(5) Wrangler Military police
Will be there soon if anybody uses the 20mm double barrel gun on the highway ;)
(6) Wrangler Off-Road special
...has a cow catcher grill attached at the front and just a small tiny bikini-top
(7) Wrangler Radio Wagon
Two large antennas for radio communication features
(8) Wrangler Rally version
Equipped with extra light beams on top
(9) Wrangler Roadster
Some guy chopped of the roof and made some speed-boat-like windows
(10) Wrangler Junior
Parted front windshield and enlargements covering the tires
(11) Wrangler Pizza Delivery Vehicle
...with an advertisment right on top of it - yammy
(12) Wrangler Winter Sports
If you are a fan of skiing or winter tracks you will definitely need this one...
(13) Wrangler World War
The american style army vehicle of the 40's
(14) Wrangler Wreck
It's always good to reduce damage in GeneRally. This guy definitely didn't do so...
(15) Wrangler four lights

Especially tuned for night rallys

The Jeeps are pretty large (about size of the original formula) - I like it this way, gives good view to the details and is fun on off-road tracks. They have quite a good grip at various terrains, due to their large wheels, all are at the same settings for competitions.
Hova: Voted "Cars of the Month November" at the RSC forum!!!
K3rmit: Those cars are super!
Mebiko: Those cars are awesome
Meka-kifu: I rarely download cars but these are a must! Excellent work, my fave is the 20mm barrel gun version
AlexeyK: These are great
Kinichie IV: I gotta have them all...
1nsane: Hurray! These are good cars! Only problem is that i would like to drive against all those cars at same time, but only 6 cars are possible per race. Damn...
4x4 Freak: I love these Jeeps and they are very competitive to race against
Strava: Good job! I like the antennas and the one with the light bar over the windshield.
Jester82: Woah! Excellent job! I'm going to use these right away!
K3rmit: Wow! That star and the thus the car look awesome
RFNagel: Don't think I commented on any of your Jeeps Genetleman, but they're AWESOME!
Meka-Kifu: Congratulations! Great new cars. The Wranglers have been my "most used downloaded cars" 

Lamborghini Murcielago X

The Lamborghini Murcielago X - high performance street racer.

Murcielago X - yo checkitoutman that's great stuff icantellya
Murcielago ZX- hey mama, theres some funky thang hangin' out 'round the hood
Murcielago XX - huuuuua, whatchout yo man dude

Lancia Beta Monte Carlo X

Ready to rumble!!!  


The world famous Mercedes-Benz SLK finally made it to GeneRally as my first model.
The file combines the coupe and the convertible option.

Edit: New version with enhanced model and values.

cbfs: ROFL 'Hey baby' - niiiice car
XL99: hehe well done nice car
* downloading *

MS Kart X

This file features the unofficial MS Kartcenter in Kerpen, Germany and the red MS Kart for your best racing fun.

I strongly suggest to turn off damage for this race because of many concrete walls and a more realistic kart race.
GeneHunter: Congratulations, nice kart (+)
xexo75: Great kart, now we have a real competition for Strava's kart
AaPee89: Great kart and great work!

Muscle Cars X

These are some of the best historic American muscle cars:

- Pontiac Trans Am
- Camaro
- Ford Mustang

New: Two cop cars included for wild chases!

Enjoy those monster engine beauties!

GeorgM: Very good car! I use it for several stunt tracks
xexo75: Excellent cars! These cars are great for racing and the models are perfect
K3rmit: Yes they are really good, like little toys. Your models (almost) always look nice, pretty GeneRally-esque, but the best are the performance values, they aren't THAT fast as your other cars!
There's a prob with flickering!
TuomoH: I especially love that striped Camaro
Kid Champion: The TransAm handles the best

Nations Cup Cars

The nations cup opens a new dimension to GR racing. Instead of driving against unidentifiable AI opponents, you can race against other nations and have a world cup of GR racers. It is now in the first steps, collecting nation cars from various carmakers. To participate, you can post your nation car at the GR forum or if you are not at the official GR forum (see link page) you may email it to me and i will include it in the overall file which will be created later. The cars must have the national colors of the flag or something similar on it. All cars have to be set to original formula values (speed, sliding etc. and also XYZ dimension, wheel base etc.). So far we have 8 cars, but it is growing day by day. You can download Germany, Italy and Congo here, the others are provided at the forum page by the designers. There are .drv files included for naming and coloring the cars (just copy them to your drivers folder). It is also thinkable to race on special nation tracks in an official competition later. If you have any ideas for this, please send them in! Various comments at forum

Nations Cup Cars Spyker

This Spyker is a car manufactured in the Netherlands and goes for the nations cup.  

Nations Cup Cars United Kingdom

Anybody build a more complicated flag please ;-)  

PacMan X and the 5 ghosts

Wohooooo - chase poor paccy through your mazes!!! Chesterfield: WOW - I am at work now but I'm eager to try this - they seem great
Matty Golder: Very different and I like them
K3rmit: Unique idea!
Tedminator: woka woka woka woka woka... woka wokawokawoka
Mebiko: terrific!

Panther X II

The Classic Car for GeneRally - Panther X II - fast and grippy! Macke: Really swet car

Peugeot 406 Coupe X

The urban racer - Peugeot 406 Coupe X  

Porsche Power Pack X

Do it the Zuffenhausen-style!


- Porsche 911 Turbo X
- Porsche Boxster S X
- Porsche Cayenne Turbo X
J4ber: Stunning - what can I say more? The model is great and it really looks like a Porsche  Boxster (IMO). This one is going to hang around in my "Cars"-folder a loooong time.
Heinzlemaxe007: It looks amazing!
GeorgM: This looks and is a very good car. It's my favourite Porsche - awesome.

Porsche Prototype X

A Porsche Prototype is a challenge for all jet pilots...  

Replica X

Racing 'old school'  

Roadrunner X

The double feature:
Take your Roadrunner and run the Roadrun road...

Though this track looks really easy (just go back and forth), it's quite a challenge when doing it with the Roadrunner. The Roadrunner is a tall kind of vehicle as you see. This means, it takes some time to steady in the upright position - hold your breath!!!

rc-racerke: nice job!!

Rocket Car X

The rocket car is damn fast - but still controllable - enjoy the fire burst! Mebiko: Go up in fire!! BURST
Oujeffrey: This car is soooo cool! The speed is amazing!

Rolls Royce X

Ever wanted to drive a $400.000 car? Now here is your chance...

No.1: The Rolls Royce Phantom

to be continued
Matty Golder: Wicked car again, this is one of your best cars
GeorgM: WOW nice car, I like the black in the picture

Stretch Limo X

Join our Gentleman's Club by handling a noble Stretch Limo. Do acquire a good starting position because accidents are not our style and neither the car's! Dave Calibra: Racing with style! Cheers

SUV Mania X

The (S)ports (U)tility (V)ehicles

With this six pack you'll have all the vehicles to go mountaineering and more:

(1) Porsche Cayenne Turbo
Very fast, very powerful, large air boxes at front, large exhaust pipes at rear
(2) Mercedes-Benz ML 500
Very fast, very powerful, spare wheel at rear, Mercedes Logo at front
(3) Volkswagen Touareg V10-TDI
Very fast, very powerful, cow catcher at front, aluminum design parts at sides
(4) Volvo XC 90 T6
Very fast, very powerful, Volvo logo at front, extra security space at sides
(5) Jeep Liberty 3,7
Very fast, very powerful, comes fully equipped with a surfboard for your recreational needs

(6) BMW X5 V8
Very fast, very powerful, BMW logo at front, large exhaust pipes at rear

You may have noticed that all cars are very fast and very powerful ;-) Though being quite heavy, with those monster motors they can go really fast!!!

K3rmit: VERY good performance settings, well done. But the models are a tad too big if you ask me
Xexo75: I've been waiting for someone to make these beauties and I think you made great performance on these, I think the cars are just about right (sizewise speaking)
RFNagel: These things are real nice
GT-one TS020: Haha! That XC90 looks a bit like a 245 monster truck - nice cars

Tank X

The tank is a special design for the track Warzone X. The star at the side is just a fake, i will have to put a real one in later. Btw: this is just a toy tank - keep the peace!  Macke: Great! Now we only need to tell Hannu how much we need a shoot button 8)
AaPee89: Good idea
DemonStarX: lol, the tank is so funny
ajp: It's great, but needs less grip

Van Wars X

Van Wars X - the ultimate van challenge.

Ever been cut off by some amteur racedrivin' white van pilot?
Now it's payback time!

Choose your team's style:
1) The SWAT Team van
2) The 911 ambulance crew
3) Giorgio Giaccomos ice cream van armada called "Gelati"
4) The UPS Gangs fleet
5) The Shovers utility car
6) The Reapers - harvesting souls uaaaaahhh

These vans are a tiny bit overpowered - as we like it - you will hear this with their engine roars. Download the sound pack and add put it to your sounds folder. Choose the sound set in your Generally game and LISTEN!
The pack includes a blank van for your own creations.

Beetle X

The no 1 world selling classic car: The Volkswagen Beetle. Very fun to drive, watch it when it goes thru corners on two wheels because of its high balance point. Nevertheless a challenging car. Macke: Very nice, but it's way too big //remark: downsized it
Figo: Much rounder! Other thing to complain is physics, they are pretty bad, not like a beetle.
Strava: It reminds me more of the 2CV than a beetle, but not a bad looking car overall
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